Sanitary Regulations in Argentina

February 2017

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The Club has received information from correspondents Pandi Liquidadores regarding recent new regulations in Argentina which require vessels to undertake a mandatory cleaning and disinfection programme prior to entry. 

The Ministry of Health has subsequently issued an official notification to clarify that this regulation does not apply to cargo ships but only to passenger vessels. (Text of notification below in italics). 

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We refer to the notes N ° 32/2017 and N ° 33/2017, dated February 6 and 8, 2017 issued by the Sanitary Unit of Puerto San Martín to the Ship-agents.

For what was mentioned in the aforementioned notes and bearing in mind the note received from the Sub-secretary of Ports and waterways it appears necessary in this instance with the collaboration of the ship-agents responsible for compliance with the Health Regulations to make certain clarifications in relation to the above.

The aforementioned provision establishes in its article 1 "the mandatory development of the Clean-up Program and Disinfection for any type of means of transport of passengers, whether collective transport of passenger, aircraft or boats, with a capacity greater than 14 seats, who enter or leave the National territory ", DOES NOT REFER TO CARGO SHIPS, OR TO OBLIGATION OF FUMIGATION, which would correspond to pest control within the framework of Law 11843.Likewise, Regulation No. 74-E / 2016 defines in its Annex I the items included in the Program of Cleaning and Disinfection of International Transport Means, and understanding that the procedures or Protocols for the maintenance of ship cleaning and disinfection as Subject to different variables, it must be interpreted that as long as they comply with the points cited in ANNEX I of the aforementioned Disposition, IT WILL NOT BE NECESSARY TO GENERATE PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS.

In relation to ships of international traffic and cruises, as established in the international sanitary regulation 2005 under Title VI: Articles 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39, no other health documents shall be require than those provided for in that Regulation or in the recommendations made by WHO, including: Certificate of Health on board, Maritime Declaration of Health, List of ports of the last thirty Days, list of crew and passengers, copy of medical book, etc.