Safety Alert: Fumigated Cargoes, Liverpool Incident

January 2022

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Canisters retrieved from ship hold

Canisters retrieved from the ship's hold
Source: Peel Ports Group Limited 

The International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) has recently highlighted a Health and Safety Operational Alert – “Fumigated Cargoes, Liverpool Incident” issued by Peel Ports Group.

Stevedores were preparing to discharge bulk bagged sweet potato pellets at the Port of Liverpool when an operative noticed partially empty canisters distributed within the holds. These were confirmed to be aluminium phosphide fumigation canisters. Cargo operations were immediately stopped, and the situation was made safe.

Members operating bulk carriers or dry cargo ships are recommended to take note of the lesson learnt from this incident and they are reminded that it is a legal duty of the Master of the ship to inform the receiving port of a fumigated cargo status. Ports and terminals must positively establish for themselves that no fumigants have been employed.