Ebola Outbreak - Nigeria

July 2014

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The Ebola outbreak is causing concern in Nigeria. A Liberian brought the disease in when travelling from Liberia to Lagos on an Arik Air Flight. He was taken to First Consultants Hospital in Obalende, Lagos Island and that hospital is now in quarantine.

All ports, airports and border crossings in Nigeria have been put on "Red Alert".

Nigeria is on the final day of a 2 day Muslim Holiday and therefore Ministries have been shut since last Friday and any extra measures to cope with the threat will probably not be discussed and implemented until the start of August 14.

The threat will be making all officials nervous who will be watching for vessels and crewmen that have been in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Masters will probably be closely questioned about crew movement and last port of call lists. Therefore lists should be ready for inspection and where and when crew joined be known to save quarantining the vessel. Crew should stay onboard to avoid contact with strangers.

This article is published with thanks to Allen Hardcastle of West Africa Marine P&I NIGERIA.

Additionally, The Club has recently issued a Risk Alert providing advice directly relating to this topic.