CHINA: MSA Implements Special Safety Inspection for Ships Entering Qingdao Water Areas

April 2018

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Club correspondents Huatai have issued a circular outlining new requirements for ships entering the waters around Qingdao. Huatai’s circular has information on the areas involved and what is required of Chinese ships and non-Chinese ships. For Chinese ships, the applicable period is 20 April 2018 to mid-June 2018. For non-Chinese ships the applicable period is 20 May 2018 to mid-June 2018. The safety inspections include ship’s equipment, chart and navigation publications, communication equipment, persons on board, dangerous goods carried onboard. The inspection also concerns "low-slow and small aircraft" which is prohibited to bring to Qingdao. Huatai’s circular has further details about these new requirements.

Huatai’s circular can be read here.