Mr Sanjeev Bhandari

January 2016

Sanjeev Bhandari

It is with regret that the Managers advise of the passing of Mr Sanjeev Bhandari who died in Kolkata, India on 4 January 2017.

Sanjeev Bhandari was for many years the Club’s representative in Kolkata as a member of the Crowe Boda team. Sanjeev’s influence was felt across the Indian shipping world. He had a vast knowledge of maritime law, of the Indian shipping business and an intimate understanding of P&I.

He will be missed not only by his friends and colleagues in India but also by many people in the P&I, legal and shipping world.

In the Club we will remember him for his bottomless curiosity, for his determination to find the correct rather than merely the convenient answers to the endless questions thrown up by our work.

The Managers convey their deepest sympathies to Sanjeev’s family and friends on behalf of the many in the industry that had the good fortune to have known him.