Asian Gypsy Moth

August 2019

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Image courtesy of Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Three US ports have recently reported finding Asian Gypsy Moth on vessels from Japan.

In Baltimore US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists detected Asian Gypsy Moth egg masses on three ships, all of which had called at Japanese ports in June 2019. CBP agriculture specialists removed the egg masses and treated the affected area.

Similarly, in Houston, AGM egg masses were found on a vessel. As required under US law, the vessel left the port to receive treatment and to provide verification that it was free from AGM and egg masses. The vessel had to depart and return multiple times before CBP agriculture specialists determined that it was absolutely free from AGM egg masses. Details of the Houston AGM discovery can be read here.

In New Orleans CBP agriculture specialists found 17 AGM masses on the same vessel. Further information about the New Orleans discovery can be read here.

All three vessels had called at Japanese ports during Japan’s AGM high risk season. This highlights (a) Japan as a high risk area for AGM and the need for vessels departing from Japanese ports to check for the presence of AGM or egg masses and (b) the delay and inconvenience that will arise if a vessel arrives in port and evidence of AGM is found onboard.

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