Ukraine Ports Update

March 2014

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Odessa Port Resized

Members will have noted from recent press reports the developing situation in Ukraine.

The Managers have received the following update from the Club’s correspondents Dias Marine Consulting PC in Odessa which is reproduced with their kind permission.

Updated 06/05/2014

Seafarers advised from going ashore

It is strongly recommended that crew members of foreign ships calling at Ukrainian ports refrain from going ashore or stand aside of the central squares and streets of the port towns.  All conflicts and skirmishes, outlined below, are generally taking place in or around the downtown areas, near the municipal buildings. Despite these events Odessa port is still functioning in the usual manner, as well as the rest of the Ukrainian ports. There is a possibility that provocative actions will be held in various Ukrainian towns until the 25 May (presidential elections). 

Over the past weekend political confrontation and armed conflict between the pro-Russian separatists and governmental troops has got more intense. Fierce battles are going on in some parts (Kramatorsk, Lugansk, Donetsk) of the eastern region of the country. Some of the local police officers came over to the separatists’ side and also joined these groups.

Peaceful demonstration took place on 2 May in the centre of Odessa.  The citizens of Odessa have always been a solidary community and after certain confusion they put up resistance and even managed to shove the attackers back into a side street. The instigators fled and took cover at the building of the former city administration. Bottles with combustible mixtures fell down on the main entrance and set it on fire. Today, in Odessa there are about 200 people who were injured or wounded. The death-toll is 46 men, including those who died from gun-shots in the streets. Among those who were arrested on the first day there were 15 Russian militants.


Updated 22/04/2014

Confrontation of governmental troops and separatists`groups in the Eastern Regions of country still develops. Sometimes skirmishes occur. People still lose their lives.

Situation in Mariupol is rather intensive.  This city is located in the east of country.  However the unstable situation in the downtown does not affect activity of Mariupol and Berdyansk ports.  These two ports operate in usual manner.

In the other ports of the country situation is also stable.  Vessels loading and discharging cargo trouble-free. 

Ports of Crimea. The situation there is still stable. Ports continue operating in normal way.  As per the information of our local branch representative Sevastopol port practically does not operate because of no vessels’ calls there.


Updated 16/04/2014

Armed conflicts between authorities and separatists in Eastern regions of country still develops. Army troops have been moved into Donetsk region.

 In spite of the above mentioned all Ukrainian ports without exception operate in usual manner. Ports of Crimea - Sevastopol, Kerch and Theodosia also operate trouble-free. Even Ukrainian cargoes are loading in ports of Crimea. Customs outward clearance of these cargoes (export) is carried out by  Ukrainian customs at port Yuzhny Outer Roads. 


Updated 14/04/2014

Unfortunately, last week-end has brought no good news to Ukraine. Tough political situation in the country was aggravated by seizure of police offices in a number of small towns of the western part of Ukraine (Donetsk region). As a result, the guns kept at the police offices have got into the hands of separatists – armed skirmishes are going on in some towns. Some people have got killed.
As regards the Ukrainian ports - they all function in the usual manner, the cargo operations are carried out as always, without any delays and stoppages.
Despite the extreme event in Mariupol – seizure of the regional administration building – work of the port and the main municipal services wasn’t affected. Yesterday near the occupied building there was gathered a big meeting of both the supporters of the separatists’ ideas and their opponents, but today there is almost nobody’s left there – it’s Monday and people returned to their working places.
Yesterday the temporary acting president of Ukraine, Mr. Turchinov, issued an ultimatum to all those people holding municipal buildings in various Ukrainian towns – to leave the municipal premises and surrender. This morning the term for surrender given by this ultimatum has expired. Nevertheless, so far the separatists have not laid down arms and decline negotiations with the government.
In my opinion it’s only possible to lessen political tension in the country by way of strong-willed and reasonably tough measures of the authorities, which we do not observe as yet.


Updated 07/03/2014

As per information received from DIAS branches in Mariupol, Kerch, Sevastopol, Kherson and  Nikolayev we may report you as follows:
Ports in Azov Sea  - Mariupol and Berdyansk work  in usual manner.
Crimean Ports Kerch, Theodosia and Sevastopol operate without any interruptions.
Ports Nikolayev, Dnepro-Bugskiy, Oktyabrsky and neighboring private grain terminal ‘Nibulon’ work in usual manner.
Port of Kherson (situated at the distance of 70 km from Nikolayev) – continue to operate in usual way.
The main transshipment area – ports Odessa, Ilyichevsk and Yuzhny  work without any interruptions.
In all the above mentioned cities there could be some  meetings  on the central squares near municipal buildings. There are no aggressive crowds in the streets.
We consider that it is safe for crewmembers of foreign vessels to visit the cities bearing in mind that they should be careful and be off the places where the meetings or demonstrations are taking place.
Changes of the crew as well as repatriations are available. Air, railway and vehicle communication operates without any stoppages or interruptions.


Information supplied 04/03/2014

In the meantime, the ports of Ukraine function as usual without any interruptions. We can even note that despite escalation of the political conflict the activity in the ports is very brisk and a certain increase in the quantity of the ships’ calls is observed.
As to the present day the situation in the three largest ports, Odessa, Ilyichevsk and Yuzhny, is stable and kept under full control of the local authorities. There are no disorders on the streets. Not very numerous meetings are occasionally gathered on the central squares. Foreign seafarers can safely walk the streets reasonably avoiding places of the meetings and gatherings. The same can be said about leading ports on the Azov Sea – Mariupol and Berdyansk: the situation in the towns is quiet and kept under control.
We worry a little more about the port of Kherson – the meetings there are more active and potentially more aggressive. We would recommend foreign seamen to refrain from coming ashore in this port.
In Nikolaev, where not far away there is Dneprobugskiy, Oktyabrskiy ports, “Nibulon” private grain terminal, as well as Nikolaev river and Nikolayev sea ports are situated, the situation is more stable than in Kherson. Nevertheless, the majority of the citizens support Russian policy and there is a possibility of street conflicts and scuffles between the confronting groupings. That is why despite more or less calm situation at present we would also recommend the foreign crews not to come off the ships.
As to the Crimean ports, Sevastopol, as it was already mentioned before, is rather inclined to volatility now. Kerch and Theodosia is sufficiently quiet but it should be understood that in case military operations will be started or the peninsular (or its part) will be invaded by the Russian troops the situation can get radically changed within the hours that is why now it’s impossible to give any prognosis.