North America ECA Effective 1 August 2012 - EPA Guidance on Non-Availability

June 2012

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The North America Emmission Control Area (ECA) established by IMO under the provisions of MARPOL Annex VI becomes effective from 1 August 2012. Vessels operating within this area (as with other ECAs) must comply with more stringent provisions relating to the emission of SOx, nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter.

Sulphur content in fuel oil used by vessels operating in this area must not exceed 1.0% m/m (10,000ppm). In recognition, however, of the possibility that compliant fuel may not be available, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency has issued Interim Guidance on the Non- Availability of Compliant Fuel Oil for the North American Emmission Control Area.

The Interim Guidance document gives a useful summary of the regulatory requirements and also sets out what should be done in the event that compliant fuel is not available, including what constitutes "non-availability", the steps that should be taken in the event that this occurs and the related reporting requirements. It can be found on the EPA website.

Further information about MARPOL Annex VI can be found in an earlier website article: MARPOL Annex VI Enters Into Force

Update January 2013

North American Emmission Control Area - Canadian Implementation Postponed


Update April 2013

North America ECA - Electronic Fuel Oil Non-Availability Disclosure Portal (FOND)

Update May 2013

North American ECA - Canada Enforcement Commences