Important Notice to Ships Transiting in Indonesian Waters

January 2014

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Ref: IMB/PRC/Alert - 004

To: All Ships Transiting in Indonesian Waters


Advice to ships proceeding to the following Indonesia waters.

Recent meetings between Indonesian Marine Police and IMB PRC resulted in positive actions by the Indonesian Authorities. The Indonesian Marine Police and IMB PRC continue to work together and cooperate to find ways to bring the attacks down.

Indonesian Marine Police advise all ships intending to anchor to do so at/near the following areas where Indonesian Marine Police will conduct patrols. Due to limited assets, it is easier for them to conduct patrols and keep the mentioned area safe if all vessels are in the same location.


1. BELAWAN AT POSITION:  03:55.00N-098:45.30E
2. DUMAI AT POSITION: 01:42.00N-101:28.00E
3. NIPAH AT POSITION: 01:07.30N-103:37.00E
4. TANJUNG PRIOK AT POSITION:  06:00.30S-106:54.00E
5.  GRESIK AT POSITION: 07:09.00S-112:40.00E
6. TABONEO AT POSITION: 04:41.30S-114:28.00E
7. ADANG BAY AT POSITION: 01:40.00S-116:40.00E
8. MUARA BERAU AT POSITION: 00:17.00S-117:36.00E
9. MUARA JAWA AT POSITION: 01:09.00S-117:13.00E
10. BALIKPAPAN AT POSITION: 01:22.00S-116:53.00E


Ships are advise to maintain strict anti-piracy watch and measures and report all attacks and suspicious sightings to the local authorities and IMB Piracy Reporting Centre. The IMB PRC will also liaise with the local authorities to render necessary assistance.

Duty Officer
IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC)