Belize: Wreck Removal Convention

February 2018

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The Belize ship registry has issued the attached circular regarding the Nairobi Convention on the removal of wrecks (WRC). However, the IMO has confirmed that Belize has not ratified the convention and has not deposited an instrument of ratification. Consequently Belize is not a party to the Wreck Removal Convention. Belize is not entitled to apply the WRC in its territory, nor is the Belize registry of ships entitled to ask owners of ships registered in Belize to apply for WRC certificates or issue them until such time as the requisite procedures are completed with the IMO. The International Group (IG)is in contact with the Belize ship registry about this issue and has advised the ship registry and Belize IMO representative that Clubs should not issue or address WRC blue cards to the Belize ship registry at this time. The IG advises owners of ships on the Belize ship register to continue to obtain their WRC certificates from an existing WRC State party.

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