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The Steamship Mutual App

The Steamship Mutual App will be discontinued on 28 May 2021 and content will be removed. Certain information currently included within the app, is available to download from our website, these include contact details for staff and correspondents and PEME clinics.

Our original app includes contact details for Correspondents, PEME Clinics, Staff, the European Inland & Short Sea Facility and Emergency numbers. You can search correspondents or view them by name, port or country.
Staff can be searched or viewed by name or department. Each contact can be downloaded directly onto your device, saved as a favourite or shared via email or SMS.
There is a Notes section for each contact where you can create and save your own notes on the individual or correspondent. There is also location functionality using Maps if this is on your device.

You can view and search the Club's Rules for both Owner's and Charterer's risks, as well as accessing the Club's recommended charterparty clauses.

Rules can be marked as favourites for quick reference.

Other features include the Club presentation which provides you with details of the Club's current profile and financial position.


A Team Effort App 

The App includes the full 37 minute “A Team Effort” film as well as two shorter film items “Revisiting the basics – video summary” and a trailer for the “A Team Effort” film.

Claims Handling

After a useful Introduction to Claims Handling, the App has sections on various types of claims including cargo, collision, people claims (crew, injury passenger, stowaways etc), FFO, pollution, salvage and wreck removal, fines, General Average and FDD. Each section contains a link to the relevant Club Rules and an explanation of what the Club covers for that particular topic. Sections on Time Bars, Guarantees , Statements and Evidence provide further useful information,


The App contains an extensive index of documents including accident report forms; various international conventions including the Athens Convention, Hague, Hague-Visby, Hamburg and Rotterdam Rules; Collision Regulations; Inter Club Agreement; IMO/UNHCR Guidelines on Rescue at Sea; Indemnity forms; OPA-90; PEME forms; numerous Charter Parties;  Towcon/Towhire forms;  SCOPIC; Stowaway questionnaire; York-Antwerp Rules.

To see the index of documents, click on the three line “burger” icon to bring up the list of contents for the App, and then scroll down – the index of documents is fifth from the bottom. Scroll through the index to browse what is available. Documents can be forwarded by using one of the icons at the top right of the selected document. Various options are available including forwarding by What’s App, Air Drop or email via the mail icon.

A helpful index of useful weblinks is also available on the App.

The App is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

Download 'A Team Effort' App here:

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