Onboard Safety Training Materials

As Members will know from Club circulars, the Managers have for many years co-operated with Videotel Marine International in the production of video and computer based training programmes. The first title, a three part series on Bridge Procedures, was published in early 1994. Since then, over 50 further programmes have been produced. These programmes are produced with the support of The Ship Safety Trust (SST). The SST was established by the Clubs Managers to support loss prevention and safety initiatives, and through this means, to make high quality safety and training materials available to the Clubs Members. Through the involvement of the SST, these materials are produced without cost to the Club.

Each film is produced under the supervision of a steering group. The Managers London Representatives participate fully in the steering group discussions, together with others from the shipping industry and organizations relevant to the subject matter of the programme, and are able to contribute important claims related experience to the production. The individual titles eventually form part of the training libraries on board the vessels of Videotel's subscribing clients. These training libraries (typically comprised of 20 films selected according to the owner's particular training needs) form the basis of a high quality, structured training programme on board each vessel in an owner's fleet and are increasingly being recognised by Port State Control Inspectors as evidence of an organised approach to onboard training.

Members who may wish to hire or purchase any of the programmes are entitled to concessionary rates as indicated in the Association's circulars. Further details concerning pricing and how to place orders can be obtained from:

Videotel Marine International
84 Newman Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (20) 7299 1800
Fax: +44 (20) 7299 1818
Email: mail@videotelmail.com

Website: http://videotel.com/


When contacting Videotel, and in order to obtain the appropriate discount, Members should confirm their membership with the Association with the names of entered vessels for which the programme or programmes may be required. Further details can be obtained by contacting Chris Adams at: chris.adams@simsl.com.

The most recent titles are listed below. Follow the links to the Videotel website for full product description and information.