Residential Training Course for Members 2013 - Review

July 2013

The Club’s third Residential Training Course for Members took place at the Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton during the week commencing 17 June 2013. Twenty two delegates attended from companies based in Brazil, Germany, Italy, India, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Slovenia, South Korea, Vietnam, the UK and the USA.

The course commenced in London on Monday 17 June when the delegates were welcomed at the office of the Managers’ London representatives, SIMSL. Presentations were given on crew and personal injury matters, and pre-employment medical examinations. This was followed by visits to the Syndicates and lunch with SIMSL Directors and staff. In the afternoon the delegates travelled to the course base in Southampton at the Grand Harbour Hotel. The course included a practical session in five of the bridges at the Warsash Maritime Academy bridge simulator facility. This reproduced the events of a collision incident that had resulted in a claim covered by the Club. Following guidance on the Collision Regulations and Vessel Resource Management, teams of delegates then had the opportunity to take control of the Club’s entered vessel in the attempt to take action to avoid the collision. In the subsequent workshop, the delegates considered the facts of the incident in order to determine the appropriate apportionment of liability. This prompted lively debate and a range of potential outcomes.

Other practical sessions in the course included the handling of a major  container vessel casualty and subsequent grounding. The UK Secretary of States Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP), Hugh Shaw, participated in this session, as did experts on media response. There were also workshops involving a mock arbitration on a charterparty dispute and the determination of claims that can only be covered through the exercise of discretion by the Club’s Board of Directors. Other presentations during the course covered the subjects of cargo liabilities, piracy, oil pollution, underwriting, groundings and loss prevention.

Social events during the week of the course included an evening cruise within the port of Southampton, a visit to HMS Victory and the National Museum of the Royal Navy, and a guided tour of Bucklers Hard and the Maritime Museum there.

Feedback from delegates has once more been extremely positive and the comments received will be used to develop future iterations of the course. Comments from delegates included the following:

“It is a good course covering major challenges faced by owners in current situation.”

“Very well organised week. I found the talks very informative and the evenings very good fun.”

“Combining entertainment as a part of the course was very exciting and novel.”

“Mock proceedings and case studies were very useful.”

“The course is a very good experience to meet the people of SSM and other Members. Also very useful and well managed.”

“A very well planned and organised course. Has really helped me to upgrade and update my knowledge.”

“This is a must for any person related to the vessels business. In such a short time you get to know a comprehensive view of everything you need to know about P&I.”

 “The course is a great learning experience and sharing forum for the Club and its Members. The knowledge gained is very valuable. A wonderful and amazing experience.”

 “Bar none, this was the most thorough, topical and best organised seminar I have ever attended.”

In view of the persistently difficult trading conditions, the Managers are currently planning for the next course to be held in June 2015 when it is hoped that market conditions may have improved sufficiently to facilitate wider attendance.


Lunch at SIMSL  “SS Shieldhall”  “CMA CGM Corte Real” Aboard “Princess Caroline” – Solent Cruise

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 Dinner aboard “Princess Caroline”  Dinner aboard “Princess Caroline”  Dinner aboard “Princess Caroline”  Dinner aboard “Princess Caroline”
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 “Princess Caroline”  Warsash Maritime Academy - VRM  Collision Simulation - Warsash Ship Simulator   During  Collision Workshop
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 During  Collision Workshop  Wine tasting Event and Dinner  Wine tasting Event and Dinner  Wine tasting Event and Dinner
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Major Casualty Workshop - Media & PR Section  Tour of “HMS Victory”  Tour of “HMS Victory”  Visit to Bucklers Hard
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