Industry Best Management Practice to Deter Piracy - Edition 3

June 2010

Industry Best Management Practise Edition 3 (BMP 3)

Industry Best Management Practise Edition 3 (BMP 3) is Now Available

The 3rd Edition of the shipping industry’s Best Management Practice to deter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and Arabian Sea Area (BMP3) has now been released.

BMP3 has been produced by the shipping industry in consultation with EUNAVFOR, the NATO Shipping Centre and UKMTO. Industry is keen to emphasise the excellent cooperation it has received from these 3 organisations.

Industry's focus when revising Best Management Practice has been on targeting the document at Seafarers. With this in mind the document has been produced as a pocket-sized booklet, in a new and clearer format, which includes illustrations and a small chart of the region. Additional advice augmenting BMP3 will be accessible on the MSCHOA web site

Updates to BMP3 include the expansion of on the High Risk Area beyond just the Gulf of Aden, to an area bounded by Suez to the North, 10o South and 78o East. This wider application of the BMP is essential to help counter the geographical spread of the threat from Somali-based piracy.

BMP3 contains further advice on Ship Protection Measures, a copy of the UKMTO Vessel Position Reporting Form, and Fishing Industry guidance. BMP3 encourages post-incident reporting to MSCHOA and UKMTO and additionally to the relevant Flag State.

The industry organisations involved will fund and produce around 25,000 copies of the booklet for distribution, and will also make electronic copies available on their respective websites*.

The BMP3 Signatories are:

  • BIMCO 
  • ICS 
  • IGP&I
  • IMB 
  • ISF 
  • ITF 
  • IPTA 
  • JHC 
  • JWC 
  • OCIMF 

BMP3 is also supported by:

  • Operation Ocean Shield 
  • NATO Shipping Centre 
  • UKMTO 

*BMP3 is available to view and download below.