The Human Cost of Somali Piracy

July 2011

The Human Cost of Somali Piracy - OBP Study June 2011

The latest Oceans Beyond Piracy study, "The Human Cost of Somali Piracy", was launched at Chatham House in June 2011. The study’s findings indicate that during the course of 2010: 

  • 4185 Seafarers were attacked with firearms and Rocket Propelled Grenades.
  • 342 Survived Incidents in Citadels (ships’ reinforced security rooms).
  • 1090 Seafarers were taken hostage.
  • 516 Seafarers were used as human shields.
  • The cost to the Somali community is also concerning. Piracy affects food security and endangers Somali youth.

The new study notes that the economic cost of piracy is now well-known, but it makes clear that the extent of the human cost is much less well-known and understood.

The study is available to view and download below with kind permission of Oceans Beyond Piracy and the One Earth Foundation.