Gulf of Guinea - Emergency Contact Details for Nigerian waters

March 2013

Incidents of hijacking of vessels, attacks and attempted boarding in the area of the Gulf of Guinea continue to remain very high.
Consequently, the UK Defence Attaché in Abuja requested the Nigerian Navy to provide some emergency contact numbers for use in case of an attack in Nigerian waters. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office have relayed the following emergency contact numbers, for use in cases of piracy in Nigerian waters:
Joint Task Force (Op PULO SHIELD) covering the Niger Delta area +234 (0)802 3639153, +234 (0)703 9783346
Naval Headquarters Operations Room +234 (0)813 8799220
Department of State Security +234 (0)813 2222106 or +234 (0)813 2222105
As these numbers are for mobile phones, they may be subject to change. Any updates will be publicised as soon as the information becomes available.

From Intercargo notice to members of 6 March 2013