Iran - Sanctions

In light of heightened international attention focussed on Iran by the United Nations and other State and governmental organisations, this page features articles and materials designed to bring to Members' attention the international rules and regulations which have gained recent prominence and which may impact on shipping and insurance activities with an Iranian connection and also dealings with specified Iranian entities.

For ease of reference for parties who may be engaged in commerce with Iran and/or Iranian or associated entities there appear below links to lists relating to sanctioned entities maintained by: 

1. the United States Office of Foreign Asset Control ( OFAC):
2. the United Kingdom Treasury ( HMT): 

The HMT list comprises a consolidated list of asset freeze targets designated by the United Nations, European Union and United Kingdom under legislation relating to current financial and trading sanctions regimes.

Title Date
Executive Order 24 June 2019 - Targeting Iran's Supreme Leader June 2019
Iran Sanctions: New Measures June 2019
New US Executive Order Targeting Iran’s Iron, Steel, Aluminium and Copper May 2019
Iran - Non-renewal of SREs April 2019
US Re-Imposition of Pre-JCPOA Sanctions and EU Actions in Response August 2018
Iran: Revocation of General License H - 27 June 2018 July 2018
US Withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action May 2018
US Certification of JCPOA January 2018
Countering Americas Adversaries Sanctions Act August 2017
OFAC Issues Updated JCPOA FAQ October 2016 October 2016
Club Circular L.274 Iran Trading April 2016 April 2016
Club Circular L.273 Iran Trading March 2016 March 2016
Club Circular L.272 Iran Trading February 2016 February 2016
Saudi and Bahraini restrictions in respect of Iran February 2016
Iran Sanctions Implementation Day 16 January 2016 January 2016
Iran Sanctions - Is the End in Sight? November 2015
Freehill Hogan & Mahar Client Alert August 2015
Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action July 2015
Announcement of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear programme July 2015
Extension of Sanctions Relief under Joint Plan of Action June 2015
Parameters Of Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action April 2015
STS Operations Involving Iranian Crude Oil Arabian Gulf February 2015
OFAC Targets Networks Linked To Iran September 2014
P5+1 and Iran Agree to Extend Limited Sanctions Relief July 2014
Urgent Update EU and US Iran Sanctions 28 January 2014 January 2014
UK Sanctions January 2014
Easing of Iranian Sanctions - New EU Regulation and U.S. Developments January 2014
Proposed Easing of EU and US Iranian Sanctions January 2014
US Sanctions Updates 2013 December 2013
EU Sanctions Updates 2013 November 2013
IG FAQs Enforcement against Foreign Persons of US Iran Trade Sanctions June 2013
US Sanctions Updates 2012 January 2013
EU Iran Sanctions Updates 2011-2012 December 2012
New US Sanctions - The Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 ( HR 1905) of 10 August 2012 August 2012
International Group Updated FAQs on EU Regulation 267/2012 August 2012
Club Circulars B579 and L188 Concerning EU Regulation 267 2012 June 2012
Proposed US Legislation June 2012
Club Circulars B 575 and L 184 Concerning EU Regulation 267 2012 May 2012
International Group FAQs on EU Regulation 267 2012 May 2012
EU Regulation 267/2012 in force from 24 March 2012 April 2012
International Group FAQs on EU Council Decision 2012 35 CFSP February 2012
Circular B 567 EU Council Decision 2012 35 CFSP further sanctions in respect of Iran January 2012
U.S. Sanctions Updates to December 2011 December 2011
Update to Risk Alert 30 US and UK Sanctions December 2011
Risk Alert 30 US and UK impose further sanctions on Iran - November 2011 November 2011
US Extends Sanctions to Tidewater Middle East Co 23 June 2011 June 2011
Sanctions Imposed Beyond US and EU April 2011
OFAC Advisory Notice IRISL 31-03-11 April 2011
Risk Alert 25 Sanctions - Impact on Chartered Vessel Entries March 2011
The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act (CISADA) - Briefing from EREN Lawyers February 2011
US OFAC UPDATE 13-01-11 January 2011
Risk Alert 21 Iran, Sanctions and the Provision of Security November 2010
EU Regulation 961/2010 in force from 27th October 2010 October 2010
Trade Sanctions against Iran - an overview - Ince & Co September 2010
HFW Iran Sanctions Update August 2010
The Impact of CISADA 2010 on Insurers, Shipowners and Charterers - Update from EREN Lawyers July 2010
EU Council Implementing Regulation No. 668/2010 and Council Decision of 26 July 2010 Concerning Restrictive Measures against Iran July 2010
Club Circular B.519 - Iranian Sanctions Orders and Restrictions on Club Cover July 2010
US OFAC and UK Treasury (HMT) Lists of Sanctioned Entities July 2010
New BIMCO Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties July 2010
Club Circular B.517 - U.S. Sanctions against Iran - HR2194 - entry into force July 2010
European Council Declaration on Iran June 2010
U.S. Treasury Announces New Sanctions on Iran June 2010
Iranian sanctions and OFAC sanctions - compliance clauses (article by Clyde & Co) June 2010
Iran - United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929 (2010) June 2010
Club Circular B.509 - Iran-US/UK current and pending legislative action targeted at trading activities February 2010