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Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Limited  


7th Floor Dear Nihonbashi Tower
2-1-20 Nihonbashi
103-0027 Japan

Emergency Assistance Weekends 
Tel: +(852) 9306 1860

Public Holidays - Claim issues:
James Ingham: +81 (0)70 4037 6162

Other matters:
Toshiki Kawai: +81 (0)70 4356 6733
Ryuji Toki: +81 (0) 70 1063 6120
Email: duty.team@simsl.com

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A Team Effort

Effective claims handling is crucial to minimising the Member's financial exposure requires a 'Team Effort' from all concerned: the Member The Club, and local correspondents, experts, and lawyers.

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