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Update July 2018


In this video, Rebecca Penn-Chambers talks about The Conoco Weather Clause (“CWC”) which is frequently incorporated into charterparties but disputes as to its application often arise. There is no clear line of authority on its application and, as with all laytime and demurrage disputes, a careful analysis of the factual matrix including whether laytime has started and the demurrage provisions in the charterparty, will be required. Assuming time has started, the cause of delay will also be a factor. This article discusses some practical examples of its application in the context of various standard form charterparties. Read Rebecca's article here published in Sea Venture 29, June 2018


The Club is often asked to advise on which party to a
charterparty should be expected to bear the cost of delays to a vessel
arising from strikes or consequent port congestion. In most cases,
this will depend on the exact wording of charterparty clauses. In this
clip, Danielle Southey speaks about two reported London arbitration
awards that consider who should bear the cost of delays caused by
strikes on two voyage charters. The full article is available here and
was included in Sea Venuture 28, released in December 2017


Emily McCulloch, a Claims Manager within the America's 
Syndicate, discussed under English Law, the two main mechanisms for 
pursuing claims, which are High Court proceeding and arbitration. 
This article provide a brief comparison of both.
Read Emily's article here, which has been featured in Sea Venture 28,
published in December 2017