Argentina - Escobar to Recalada Chanel - Draught and Clearance Requirements

September 2011

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The Argentinian Coast Guard have recently issued a notice to remind the industry of the requirements of SNAV, NA9 No: 028/2007, in force since July 2007, which deals with maximum draught and clearance requirements in the shipping channel between San Martín/San Lorenzo and Recalada pilot station.  The main points are set out below:

  • Vessels using the main shipping channel should do so with a draught no greater than 10.36m
  • Vessels choosing to sail with draughts between 10.36 m and 10.67m, a minimum under-keel clearance of 0.60m is required plus an additional cm for each cm draught beyond 10.36m
  • Vessels with draughts over 10.67m require a minimum under-keel clearance of 0.91m

Further details can be found in the Coast Guard letter of 24 August 2011 which can be downloaded below in both the original Spanish as well as in English (translation kindly supplied by Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L.).