North American Emmission Control Area - Canadian Implementation Postponed

January 2013

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As reported in an earlier website articles, the North America ECA, established by IMO under the provisions of MARPOL Annex VI became effective on 1 August 2012. See: MARPOL Annex VI Enters Into Force and North America ECA Effective 1 August 2012.

However, the ECA and related enforcement has been postponed in Canada pending implementation by means of the proposed Canadian Regulations Amending the Vessel Pollution and Dangerous Chemical Regulations. It is understood that these Regulations will be finalised at some point in 2013 with enforcement commencing in early winter 2013.Transport Canada will be issuing guidance once the Regulations are in force. The Transport Canada Ship Safety Bulletin 06/2013 which gives information about the New Regulations for Vessel Air Emissions, Ship to Ship Transfers of Oil, and Greywater and replaces Bulletin 03/2012.