Steamship Mutual What's New archive from July 2008
US - Vessels from Ports Not Maintaining Effective Anti-Terrorism Measures
This updated article explains how to access the latest information on the list of countries deemed by the USCG not to be maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures.
30 July 2008
US Coast Guard Requirements for Hydrostatic Testing of Bunker Lines
Recent PSC inspections at US ports have revealed that at least 30% of vessels are not complying with hydrostatic testing requirements for bunker lines. Non-compliance can result in fines and bunkering operations can be stopped.
23 July 2008
IMO 60 Years Commemorative Brochure
ICS, ISF and others have produced a brochure to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of IMO. 
02 July 2008
Beijing Olympics 2008 - Chinese Port Requirements
Special arrangements apply at certain Chinese ports in preparation for and for the duration of the Beijing Olympics 2008.
01 July 2008
USCG Nontank Vessel Response Plan Enforcement from August 2008
In a recent notice the U.S. Coast Guard announced its intention to commence enforcing regulations governing vessel response plans for nontank vessels with effect from 22 August 2008.
01 July 2008