Steamship Mutual What's New archive from April 2008
hold and ladder
Cargo Hold Fatality
This case study looks at the various factors that may have contributed to the death of a crew member during a hold cleaning exercise.   
30 April 2008
US - Vessels from Ports Not Maintaining Effective Anti-Terrorism Measures
Vessels from countries deemed by the US Coast Guard not to be maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures are subject to conditions of entry. Effective 18 April 2008 Cuba is the most recent addition to a list which already includes Iran, Syria, Indonesia, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, and Mauritania. 
29 April 2008
Image Courtesy of ITOPF
Japan - New OPRC-HNS Regulations
New Japanese regulations require vessels carrying cargoes classed as hazardous and noxious substances under the OPRC-HNS protocol in certain sea areas around Japan to contract with the Maritime Disaster Prevention Center. The MDPC contractual terms do not accord with the IG's requirements for OSRO contracts. Special insurance arrangements have been made while discussions continue. 
09 April 2008
Argentina - Farmers' Protests & Loading Delays - Who Bears the Costs?
Protests in response to rising export duties on agricultural goods have prevented and delayed cargoes reaching ports for shipment. This article seeks to set out the position under the charterparties most commonly used for the shipment of bulk cargoes and to provide general guidance.
02 April 2008