Steamship Mutual What's New archive from February 2008
2008/9 Rules Available on Website
The 2008/9 rules have been published. The Bermuda Club rules are now available on the website. 
20 February 2008
Spain - Maritime Emergencies Evaluation Teams
From 30 April 2008 Maritime Emergencies Evaluation Teams will have full authority to board vessels in Spanish waters in the event of accidents or incidents that may affect the safety of the ship and human life, navigational security, result in the jettison of cargo and risk of pollution.
13 February 2008
POEA Revise Position on Nigeria
A POEA ban imposed last month which was understood to ban all Filipino crew from entering Nigerian ports has recently been clarified: The ban will cover only Filipino crew onboard vessels engaged in “cabotage” or so-called coastwise shipping sailing exclusively between ports on the Nigerian coast.
13 February 2008
South Africa - We Will Tow You Away
Regulations designed to protect the coastline from the risk of pollution should a vessel run aground require that no vessel can anchor along the South African coast to effect repairs without first obtaining permission from SAMSA. Various preventative measures may be required including having a tug standing by should assistance be required in an emergency. 
06 February 2008