Steamship Mutual What's New archive from December 2007
U.S. - Recent Decisions on Punitive Damages
The Supreme Court’s consideration of the “Exxon Valdez” award is likely to be guided by a number of the Court’s decisions over the past few years concerning the availability of punitive damages in certain types of civil actions.
17 December 2007
Option for Continuation - When Does it Commence?
In a recent arbitration the tribunal had to consider whether the exercise of an option of a “further 6 months in direct continuation” had been validly made and from when the 6 month period ran. 
12 December 2007
Singapore - MOU on Oil Spill Response Rates
On 24 September 2007 the Singapore MPA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the ITOPF which established a schedule of rates covering oil spill response resources provided by the MPA and its supporting response agencies and resource owners.
04 December 2007
Bunkers Convention in Force November 2008

The Convention will make the shipowner liable to pay compensation for pollution damage caused by spills of oil carried as fuel in ships' bunkers. Current regimes covering oil spills do not include bunker oil spills from vessels other than tankers. 

03 December 2007