Steamship Mutual What's New archive from November 2007
Filipino Crew Claims - "120 Days" Update

The Palisoc case gave the Philippine Supreme Court a further opportunity to review the law relating to deemed permanent disability following 120 days absence from work. The Court's decision, discussed in this article, represents a marked improvement for shipowners facing crew claims.

28 November 2007
USCG - Environmental Crimes Voluntary Disclosure Policy
The new Coast Guard policy provides companies with a mechanism, potentially, to avoid prosecution by establishing a dynamic “compliance management system” and fostering a proactive atmosphere of discovery and reporting of noncompliance.
21 November 2007
South Africa - Infested Wheat Cargoes from U.S.
There have been a number of recent cases of wheat infested with Rust Red Grain Beetles arriving in South Africa from the United States. This article discusses the effectiveness of various fumigation methods. 
14 November 2007
Working Over the Side
Loss Prevention Posters

The Managers are producing a series of loss prevention posters for use onboard Members' vessels. The first in the series are now available and will be sent to Members shortly. The posters, which can also be downloaded from this website, are based upon images of actual examples of poor practice and an illustration is used to convey the correct message.

12 November 2007
Anti-Fouling Systems Convention in Force September 2008

When Panama ratified the Convention on 17 September 2007 the necessary criteria were satisfied and the Convention will enter into force 12 months after that date; ships will no longer be permitted to apply or re-apply organotin compounds which act as biocides in their anti-fouling systems. 

06 November 2007
California - Court Rules on Sulphur Emission Regulations
Vessels in Californian waters must resume the use of marine gas oil or 0.5% by volume low sulfur fuel oil for their diesel electric engines or auxiliary diesel engines pending resolution of the issue of regulations implemented by the State of California Air Resources Board (CARB). An earlier injunction prevented CARB enforcing the regulations but this has now been lifted pending appeal.  
01 November 2007