Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact on my cover? 

If your cover was provided by SMUAL it continues to be provided by SMUAL.

If your cover was provided by SMUAB then it has been transferred to SMUAL.

Your premium and terms of entry will not be affected by the reorganisation and your Steamship contacts will remain the same. 

Do I need new Certificates or Blue Cards?

At renewal you will receive new Certificates and Blue Cards in the usual way; if your cover had previously been provided by SMUAB then you will notice that the new documentation will be in the name of SMUAL.

What about guarantees?

Guarantees issued by SMUAB will transfer to SMUAL by operation of law; you do not need to do anything.


Where can I direct my questions?

Please contact Graham Jones (tel: +44 (0) 207 650 6534) at Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited, Aquatical House, 39 Bell Lane, London E1 7LU, or by email to to discuss any issues arising from this reorganisation.
These FAQs and webpage will be updated from time-to-time.