Loss Prevention and Safety Training


One of the most important functions of the Club is to provide its Members with the resources that are required to handle the great variety of claims that arise during the course of their trading. These claims can vary enormously in their nature and complexity, and the ability to deal effectively with the range of problems that can arise in modern shipping operations can be both challenging and rewarding for the Club and its staff. However, it is frequently the case that many of the incidents that give rise to claims are avoidable, and a potentially greater challenge for the Club is to identify measures that can prevent claims arising in the first place. There will always be the unforeseen or extreme event that results in liability, and for which insurance is the obvious remedy, but these incidents are generally infrequent. A far greater number of claims arise from causes that are avoidable – a failure to follow safety procedures, inadequate maintenance of the vessel, improper stowage and securing of cargo, failure to follow correct bridge procedures – to name but a few examples, and repetitive incidents that arise from such causes subject insurance to unnecessary pressure. Consequently, an important element of the Club’s investigation of claims is the identification of the causes of incidents, and any measures that might be taken to avoid recurrence. This is achieved through close liaison between the claims teams and the experienced mariners in the Club’s Loss Prevention Department. In some cases, all that may be required is an appropriate repair to the vessel or an improvement in procedures, but in others more extensive measures may be required.


The Club’s commitment to assisting its Members in the prevention of claims extends from the informal workshops and seminars that may be arranged as the result of the Managers’ regular contacts with Members, to the more formal involvement in the production of shipboard training programmes and courses in association with Videotel Marine International, and the support and production of publications that also have the potential to prevent or control loss. In addition, vessel condition surveys play an extremely important part of the Club’s work in controlling the quality of entered tonnage and managing risk.


Further details of the Club's Loss Prevention initiatives can be obtained by contacting any member of the Loss Prevention department: Loss Prevention Department Contacts


One of the topical issues confronting the shipping industry today is the growth in piracy, particularly off the coast of Somalia. In view of this, a dedicated area has been established on the website to provide specific guidance on measures to avoid or reduce the risk of piracy attacks:

This section of the website also contains details of the Club’s initiatives in these areas: